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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Not following you. If 10 people send one person a card today that is set aside to be sent to someone in December why wouldn't those cards be availible in December. Seems no different to me then us saying we all were to pay $25 to join a league. In that example your giving money to someone with the hopes of getting more later. In this your giving a card in hopes to get more cards later. What's the difference?
yea, so i have no idea what I just typed there, maybe i was having a stroke, hahaha

meant to say that you're gambling on winning, and then gambling that the cards will still be worth what they were at the start of the season

which essentially would be like doing a cash league without the guarantee of actually getting all of the money if you end up winning it, something I doubt anyone would do if they knew that going in.
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