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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
yea, so i have no idea what I just typed there, maybe i was having a stroke, hahaha

meant to say that you're gambling on winning, and then gambling that the cards will still be worth what they were at the start of the season

which essentially would be like doing a cash league without the guarantee of actually getting all of the money if you end up winning it, something I doubt anyone would do if they knew that going in.
Again not following you. Each of us is giving an entry of $25 SV card that is worth that to join the league. Say for example my entry card is an Demaryius Thomas Auto (Denver WR). Today that could be sold for $25 but say he goes on to have a great season and that same card in December is worth $50, which is certainly possible. On the other hand say Thomas goes and blows out an ACL in preseason and by December that same card could be bought for $5. That's possible as well. Either scenario doesn't change the fact that in June that card was selling for $25 and was worth the price of admission. If the winner has terrible luck his prize will be a bunch of $5 cards at the end. The winner is out nothing. If on the other hand the winner has great luck he could end up with a bunch of $50 cards for winning. It could go either way. That's the luck of the draw.

And I think that adds an element of surprise to the game and will keep people interested in this throughout the year. The better the prize, the more participation. The value of the prize will fluctuate but that to me sounds interesting not a turn off. And Im not getting wondering why you think we are gambling on cards being worth the same at the end. Who cares? We are all taking the same risk/reward
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