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Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
I've been running a league for the past 3 years that probably isn't going to happen this year. I'd love to run another one. I like the $25 card sv idea, but I wouldn't want it to be winner take all and I GREATLY prefer a 12 team league. 10 team leagues end up with stacked teams imo.

Maybe something like the winner gets their choice of 6 of the 12 cards, 2nd places gets next 3, and 3rd place gets whatever is left?

i've ran leagues on ESPN and Yahoo so I'd be good with either. Standard scoring, non-PPR w/ team D. anyone be interested in that?
Ok unless someone objects we have a commissioner. Thank you for volunteering. I'm fine with a card split like this (first card 6 picks to first place, next 3 to second place, remaining 3 to third place) and the league size idea.

Please sign myself up for it and also yankeesfan24 as he and I have been talking and he really wants in and will be away next week.

Als can you review the other suggestions I've made here and see if everything is agreeable to you and suggest any other changes that should be made? Also review the thread and people who want in this so we know how close we are to filling our league?
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