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That is what my choice is going to be when it gets to my pick

Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Anyone else think 2012 Inception is a good way to go? I'm preordering an 8 box case today

2012 Topps Inception Football Hobby 8 Box Case - $689.95 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

689 for 8 boxes, this group could do 16 boxes for 1378. Each box case contains 2 autos and 1 Relic card, so 48 hits for that break. Always liked the look of Inception and its not considered a low end product. Releases Wed, Jul 11 2012 same as Elite. Compared to 2012 Panini Elite Football Hobby 12 Box Case that contains 4 hits per box - 2 Autos, 2 Relics, for $1,440.00 I think we would be better off with Inception with more autos in Inception
PM works best (I trade by BV, buy by SV)
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