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It wont work out for regular cards, it has to be through the trading part of etopps.
Yes, it is very easy to trade, but it has to be done together, or someone else could snatch it up.

here is what i have
Albert Pujols 2009 Want 22 points - has been selling for 23-28
Cc Sabathia 2009
David Price 2009 RC
David Wright
Joe Mauer 2009
Matt Wieters Rc
Prince Fielder
Raul Ibanez
Rick Porcello RC
Ricky Romero RC
Roy Halladay want 12 points
Tommy Hanson 2009

Clay Buchholtz rc need 6 points
Cole Hamels
Edison Volquez rc
Jair Jurrjens
Johnny Cueto rc
Manny Ramirez
Mark Teixeira - 4 points
Max Scherzer rc
Nate Mcclouth


Billy Butler Rc
Brandon Wood rc
Joe Smith Rc
John Danks rc
Josh Hamilton rc 3 points
Mark Reynolds rc need 6 points for this
Matt Holliday
Ryan Sweeny rc
Tim Lincecum rc vvhtg
Torii Hunter
Yovanni Gallardo rc htg

08/09 basketball
lebron - Very sp, need 20 points
Derrick Rose rc
Eric Gordon rc
Kevin Love rc
Michael beasley rc
OJ mayo rc
Rudy fernandez rc
russell westbrook rc

Kevin Durant rc- need 7 points

Tim Duncan sp /405 need 7 points
brandon roy rc- need 9 points
Check out jonnyg1014 on COMC
Great prices, will listen to all offers!

Flickr: Trade and sell

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