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Default HenneFan007's Success Thread

Hey guys,

Me and my GF are gonna start doing or attempting rather to do TTM's and since we haven't done them before have a few questions. My main on is what is the best way to send the item? Bubble mailer, plain white envelope, etc..? I have heard that it's crucial to include a SASE with the item/s. My other question is about sending 8x10's Do you think it is better to send a card or two over an 8x10 or picture in general? If sending an 8x10 how do you go about it? Top loader, between cardboard, etc...? Hoping to send out a few this week including a Favre and Rodgers, don't expect anything but have heard they can be good TTM's.

Thanks for any and all advice.

PS - If anyone has had any success with Harrison Ford I would love an address to him. American Graffiti is one of my all time favorite movies and I would love for a shot at getting a picture signed from it but have had 0 luck on finding an address with any success.


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