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Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
I set it up on Yahoo (for now, we can always switch if people want). Right now I set it as primarily the defaults with some minor tweaks that people in the past have been behind, but we can always change things as long as the changes occur before the draft.

Right now it's set almost exact to what you have above oddly enough (I set it before I read your post, great minds think alike I guess ).

The only differences are that it isn't set for PPR and there are no milestone bonus points.

Also, it is set for punt/kick return TD's to go to the team defense for 6 points and in addition to the starting lineup you listed, there are 6 bench spots. Once again, anything can be changed, opinions and thoughts more than welcome.
I strongly favor PPR. Yes, it gives a boost to a guy like Shady, but it also balances out the point differences between RBs and WRs to QBs.

Standard TD scoring is 4 for a passing TD.

I also agree with -2 for both fumbles and INTs.

My experience - 20+ years as I've been doing this since I was 13.
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