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Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
I just want to clear up how the waivers work.

Completely hypothetical situation, but say it's Sunday afternoon and Arian Foster is injured. Naturally, everyone is going to want Ben Tate on their team. Everyone can put in a waiver claim for him but the team with the worst record will be the team that is rewarded him come Wednesday morning regardless of when the claim was put in. If for some reason, nobody puts in a claim, anyone can then pick him up on Wednesday morning.
No. Waivers need to run off your FAAB budget. We each get $100. We need that for the whole year. Waivers clear Tuesday night. Then, you can add/drop at any time prior to waivers locking.

Thus, no continuous waivers.

Also, there should be no "no cut list".

Finally, rosters and waivers don't lock on the first game of the week or even on the first Sunday game.
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