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Originally Posted by Footsteps View Post
No. Waivers need to run off your FAAB budget. We each get $100. We need that for the whole year. Waivers clear Tuesday night. Then, you can add/drop at any time prior to waivers locking.

Thus, no continuous waivers.

Also, there should be no "no cut list".

Finally, rosters and waivers don't lock on the first game of the week or even on the first Sunday game.
FAAB has a tendency to allow the rich to get richer. A waiver system more like those used in professional sports is most fair imo. But, as always, majority rules. Any other thoughts?

Note: When I say "Wednesday morning" it technically is Tuesday night as I believe waivers process at midnight. We can ditch the no cut list, I just don't really see the point, nobody is hopefully going to be dropping an Arian Foster anyways.

Rosters do and should lock on the first Sunday game of the week. Your lineup does not, if you have an injury concern you should have a replacement on hand. If you all prefer to have a race to your computer whenever you hear about an injury, that of course can be changed as well. From my experience, that tends to lead to problems between league members.
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