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Originally Posted by GatorBoyInTN View Post
You should probably just be her friend and see where things go. Please do not attempt to teach this kid the English language.
Ive been doing this for 6 months lol. Haha i know man, that guy is a lame

Originally Posted by Bjsportscards77 View Post
what you need to do is post pictures of her if shes as hot as you say.... Rule of thumb here on the boards... Pics or it didnt happen
Haha what the heck?! ill maybeeeee post one later but thats kinda wierd. Lol.

Post your spouse

Originally Posted by Nodie27 View Post
Quick question: Did she try and give you anything for Father's Day? A card? A thank you? A compliment?

Only reason I ask is that some girls (Not saying your girl because I don't know her) are just trying to find a father figure. Just be careful. The girl you know and trust might be trying to play you. Good luck!

Oh and the Strange Wool comment is a reference to an old movie. Had to sneak it in.
No fathers day gift for me. She spent fathers day with her dad. I definately wasnt expecting one.
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