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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Ok we currently have 11 people in this league and I have only 7 votes in. Right now the 7 people who have voted on the issues were


And here is a look at how that voting is going:

Question 1: Draft Day and Time
6 Votes for Weekend, 1 Vote for Weekday. After 8pm EST is the consensus. 1 more Vote needed for weekend draft day to pass

Question 2: Live Draft Pick Amount of Time to Pick
5 Votes for 1 Minute, 1 Vote for 1 minute 15 seconds, 1 vote for 1:30. Two votes for 1 minute needed for passing

Question 3: Can't Cut List (Use or Don't Use)
7 Votes for Don't use. This Question has a majority answer and we will not use this. Question is retired

Question 4: Allow Draft Pick trades
7 Votes for allowing the trading of draft picks. This Question has a majority answer and we will allow this. Question is retired

Question 5: PPR yes or no; if yes how many points per reception?
4 votes yes (.5 ppr consensus), 3 vote no. This is completely split.

Question 6: TD points for throwing, rushing, receiving should be worth?
4 votes 6 points for all, 3 votes for 6 points for rushing and receiving and 4 points for passing. This is completely split down the middle

Question 7: Waivers...FAAB vs Lowest team gets first priority vs Continuous rolling.
6 votes for lowest team, 1 vote for FAAB. One more vote for lowest team has first priority and this passes

Question 8: Do you want a Snake or auction draft?
6 votes for Snake Draft, 1 vote for auction Draft. One more vote for Snake Draft and that passes

We can retire questions 3 and 4 as they have a majority answer. The others the remaining 4 players need to answer please. I've sent an email over to jackg1980 as he is on the clock now for joining the league. When/If he joins he makes the 12th team and will need to vote as well.
1. weekend
2. 1:30
4. allow trades
5. Yes to PPR
6. 6pt for rushing and receiveing, 4pts for throwing
7. Lowest team
8. Snake Draft
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