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This is probably going to sound bad, but this is how I would handle it.

Since you already had sex with her, what's the point of just hitting it again? It doesn't count again for your overall numbers (most playas do). You sound like me when I was younger, except I am white and never had the opportunity with any mexis.

You don't need to get messed up with any baby business. First she will want to "date" and then she will want more of your attention and money. You will eventually be babysitting this kid while she going out to the bars. You are way too young to get messed up in this and you should just be a friend right now. Don't even considering hitting it again if you don't plan to stick around. Those single mothers can get downright crazy and it won't be worth the drama down the road if you just "hit it" and kick her to the curb.

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