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Originally Posted by Ncbrowe View Post
Seems the haters of this product are still sleeping or scrambling to pick up a few boxes before they are sold out.
Not quite. It's just not worth our breath anymore. eBay says it all. Most of the autos are commons and most of the relics are current players. At least the relics last year were heavily shifted towards Hall of Famers and there were still base and parallel cards.

Is it worth a gamble if you have $90 and one shot at something great? Absolutely. Is it worth it to break a case and try to flip on eBay? No way. It all depends what your motives are. I will scratch my $90 lotto ticket and move on. Others will lose themselves in large case purchases. It is what it is.

EDIT: Here you go....

First 6 box break just posted now and looks like one hit that might pay for a box. A few silver autos of commons that could get $20, and then a bunch of $3-$6 relics and autos.

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