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Originally Posted by chipmaster View Post
A week or so ago I hacked Anthony's email, and found pictures of him and Corbin doing a circle jerk with banana's up their ass. I promised I wouldn't tell his wife if he gave me a hj, but all he kept saying was "Who do you think took the pictures?." Since I couldn't use that against him anymore, I decided to go to a certain 'retail store he works at' and defecate all over the goddamn place, writing his name on the wall in poo. The sick part, is I saw him get some on his hand while he was cleaning it, and throughout the rest of the day, he smelled it, and got a twisted smile on his face- almost like he was savoring it.

Along comes Anthony after this ordeal- he has a pepperidge farm summer sausage and bottle of crisco in his hands. I asked him what that was for, and he giggles and says "mmbtvs and I are going to play my favorite game tonight." I asked him what game that was and says "Hide the Salami".

I had never heard of that game, but in walks Iblowthelakings doing the cabbage patch. He could not contain his excitement, as he proclaimed that he won last nights game after almost splitting Corbin in two. He said it was kinda like a UFC fight, where you have to tap out if you're going down (which they all did to each other anyway). Corbin almost died doing what he loves most, takin one for the team. He couldn't tap out, because he had a peter in each hand and his mouth was busy occupying 'stale farts' ballbag. Because of this Anthony got jealous and went out of turn. He was forceful agressive and hid the salami on elgaykings instead without notice or lube. It was their version of the human centipede he said, he was very proud that they perfected it. I call it the fudgeworm, but whatever floats their boat.

I have never been so scarred in all of my life, and after hearing this, and seeing those twinks giggle and grab each others sacks, I was Audi 5000.
Watch out for Corbin, he's a spiteful SOB if he doesn't get his gay.

So there you have it.
How the hell did I miss this post the first time around?
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