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Looking at the options again #3 seemed to have everything and Finest which I would rather bust than a third bowman...but alas, can't go against the Bowman masses so I will just grin and bear it
You are right about 5 star also...I would rather see another 6 box case of museum...
Also I am in for extra funds on TTT...that will be a great break...definitely

Thanks again for getting the options up...this group has been great to break with

Originally Posted by gergs1134 View Post
If people agree, anything can be changed out, these were just ideas ( not a whole lot of input was given). Although I think people will want Draft and Sterling to stay. It is tough to plan out 6 months ahead, but we need to do so to plan on getting in a couple bigger breaks like people wanted. I would have voted #1 too, but 5 star was always going to be a tough sell due to price and history wit hthe football product.

Now that we have the initial set up in place, we could tweak the lower end cases here and there as long as the price matches or comes real close.
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