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Originally Posted by geoffyb View Post
i believe the 1998 wwf duocards set might be the first wrestling autograph set. it just wasn't as popular due to the horrible condition and quality of the cards. but it does have some of the absolute rarest autos in it, even more rare than some of the wcw autos. i have only seen an animal once for sale on ebay and i know xpac, mark henry, and undertaker do exist but are impossible to find.
Hey guys, actually the first certified wrestling autograph trading cards were from the 1994 WWF Action Packed. The autograph cards were of Savage & the Undertaker. Furthermore, this set has the first variant autograph card too. Savage signed some of the cards Macho Man & others as Macho Man Randy Savage. Here is a link to the checklist: - 1994 WWF Trading Cards

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