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Originally Posted by gunshowboy View Post
Before you go bashing the mods

I have a pending refund I just received notice of through pp that will clear on the 27th.
I didn't intend to bash the mods. They have been very attentive in all of my interactions with them. I know some people take things the wrong way especially when trying to construe a message on a forum, but I was merely making a simple statement. I meant no harm...

Mods of all sites are restricted in many ways and can only perform a function to their best of their abilities. I understand that and appreciate what they offer..

It's nice to see that he's already been temporarily suspended. My guess is that you and I are not the only people who have filed complaints.

I filed a dispute with Paypal a few days ago and am set to receive a refund either tomorrow or the next day. Just like you, I too would have much rather have had the cards, especially as hot as he is right now..
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