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Originally Posted by GatorBoyInTN View Post
May I ask if I am on such list?
you are yes
Originally Posted by marzoc View Post
I don't understand the reasoning behind trying to scam someone on a PayPal transaction. If you don't ship the card/s, PayPal refunds the buyers money. I suppose you can try to close your account immediately after accepting payment, but that just seems highly unlikely. And, PayPal would still put a hold on the seller's account and refund the money to the buyer. As a seller, you would then have Paypal coming after you for the funds. PayPal requires that you add a payment source before being able to do business through their website and will not let you delete that payment source while a transaction is in process...

As it is, PayPal has put a hold on the seller's funds, and will be refunding my payment within the next few days. I just don't understand the reasoning behind it. All at the risk of receiving negative feedback...

Not sure why the moderators would allow this type of behavior to continue. If it's become an issue, the penalties should be much more strict. IMO, it's a 1 strike and you're out type of penalty. There is no excuse for attempting to scam someone out of their money..
I have no idea why people try to rob people with a paypal transaction, but it happens all the time on here. Who knows what runs through peoples minds. Like you said it could be anybody. I have seen people with great feedback just disappear. When it comes to selling I will deal with anyone because I do all my deals properly and anyone that has worked with me will tell you exactly that. When I buy I only use paypal goods. I have made a few exceptions and paid gift in the past and been ok, but from now on I will only use goods. And honest sellers understand why and have no problem with it. When I am trading is where I get skeptical. I will trade with anyone but if I dont know you then you will be sending first. If you are not gonna send first then no deal. Cut and dry and to the point. The impression I get from people trying to steal during a paypal transaction is one of 4 things. Others could add some more as well I am sure.

1- They just hope you forget about the transaction
2- They hope you are a nice person and wont file a claim
3-They try to get you to pay gift at first to see if you will
4-They are looking for a loan until payday. If you buy something from someone and a few days later you have a refund with no explanation what so ever then this is almost always correct. Some people dont care about thier reputation or status on here and have no problem eating a negative. If they get run off the site they just make a new account a few days later.

I will say this though about the site. If you do take the time to find the good people on this site you will not be sorry. There is some fantastic members on this site who I hope to do business with for a long time. And the few times I have had trouble with transactions the mods were very helpful. A great way to find some good members to deal with is to click on the Itraders of people with high feedback and 100% feedback. Skim through thier feedback and you will start to see the same names over and over of who people deal with. I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you stick around. Good traders are in high demand and very, very short supply.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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