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Default 2012 Chrome Football Random Team Case Break

Alright here is Case 1's Big Hits(Tons of refractors not going to list and no scanner atm sorry) :

Andrew Luck Red Refractor 24/25
RG3 84 Insert Refractor 74/75

Kendall Wright Gold Refractor 17/50
Trent Richardson Tall Boy Prism Insert Refractor 21/50

LaMichael James 1984 Insert Refractor 21/75
Mohamed Sanu Photo Variation SP Auto

Rueben Randle Base Auto
David Wilson Base Auto

Cyrus Gray Base Auto
Doug Martin Base Auto

Alshon Jeffery Base Auto

Isaiah Pead Refractor Auto 64/178
Chris Givens 1984 Insert Auto SSP Redemption

Nick Toon Breast Cancer Refractor Auto 36/75
Michael Egnew Camo Refractor Auto 68/105

Dre Kirkpatrick Base Auto Redemption
LaMichael James Refractor Auto Redemption(Assuming /178)

Here is Case 2's Big Hits(Lots of refractors again) :

Andy Dalton Red Refractor 25/25
Aaron Hernandez Gold Refractor 31/50

Mohamed Sanu Variation

Robert Turbin Prism Refractor Auto 5/50
Michael Egnew Breast Cancer Refractor Auto 73/75

Kendall Wright Refractor Auto 93/178
Lamar Miller Refractor Auto 59/178

Chris Rainey Refractor Auto 131/178
Chris Rainey Base Auto

Matt Kalil Base Auto
Dontari Poe Base Auto

DeVier Posey Base Auto
Dwayne Allen Base Auto Redemption

LaMichael Jame Refractor Auto Redemeption (Assuming again /178)
Dre Kirkpatrick Base Auto Redemption

Case 1 Teams:

Drewnorris - Packers, and Eagles.
CP3toOKC - Cardinals
Oldgoldy97 - Dolphins
Thetintwiz1 - Giants, Lions, Jaguars, Chiefs, Vikings, and Saints.
Nickfromcwe - Texans
Theheel - Seahawks and Bills.
Hasayrs - Chargers
DoubleDribble- Browns
Ouatty - Raiders and Bengals
Newton615 - Redskins and Falcons
Boston77yankees - Bucs
Keystar - Bears
mr_yoshi_san - Patriots
Trouts2 - Broncos and Ravens
cwbennett - Cowboys
Negatorian - Titans
Sooslow - Panthers
Avianburner - Steelers
Oilngo - Rams, Jets
Ryo1549 - 49ers

Case Two:

Lilkeithw - Colts, Steelers, Texans
da_bears - Chargers, Browns, Giants, Saints
Falcons_Fan - Seahawks
Jdin8455 - Titans
Negatorian - Falcons, Chiefs
ducc - Raiders
Ryo1549 - 49ers
Odawg - Eagles
Fratt70 - Patriots
ouatty - Bucs, Ravens, Lions
mrmike79 - Redskins
Keystar - Dolphins
Avianburner - Broncos
Proman - Vikings, Packers
nickfromcwe - Jaguars
Boston77Yankees - Cardinals
CP3toOKC - Bengals
Sooslow - Panthers
Ravenhead42 - Bears
Oilngo - Rams, Jets, Cowboys
Utah Jazz,St. Louis RamsCalifornia Angels

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