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Default 2012 Topps Five Star baseball random hit break

We are active. Order number is 174570

Payment can now be sent. My paypal info is

It is important that you put your user name and Five Star in the message field. DO NOT PUT GROUP BREAK ANYWHERE IN THE MESSAGE.

The product is scheduled to release on October 31st. I'm making the deadline for payments October 15th. This gives everyone plenty of time to get the money in, but the sooner everyone pays, the sooner we can random.

Thank you

This is a 3 box random hit break of 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball. There will be 15 total slots, one slot for each hit in the case. I would be open to doing more than one case if there is enough interest. This has the potential to be one of the biggest baseball products in recent memory.

Once the break is filled and everyone has paid, a mod will random the list three times at Slot holder number one will get the first hit, slot two will get the second hit and so on.

Current case price is $1,375. So 1,375/15=91.66

95.66 a slot with shipping and supplies ($4.00 includes delivery confirmation and upgraded supplies since the cards are bound to be thick.)

Paypal fees $3.07 (95.66*.029 +.30=3.07)

So we are looking at $98.73 for one slot and Iíll say $97 for additional slots.

Amounts due (those in red have paid)

7290morint 292.73

95vr4 195.73

Anderdale 98.73
biged_0 98.73
boardermartin 195.73 +97

CP3toOKC 98.73
CubsFanInTX 98.73
danny42yu 98.73
GoBeavs 292.73

Hardtimes2009 98.73
hmmdecloth 195.73

hohlernr 98.73
JohnAndrew 195.73

mcgoo2 98.73
Mike Yoder 195.73
Mike Yoder

mrlaker 195.73

neahcrow 195.73
Orangejello727 292.73

padsfan10 98.73
CTown 98.73
samoan3d 195.73

samuel1219 195.73

SethMurphy 292.73

Vintage Collector 292.73
Vintage Collector
Vintage Collector
+97 for additional slot

Case 1

3. neahcrow-Ty Cobb bat card 22/25
9. Mike Yoder-Jeremy Hellickson Silver Sig redemption
13.neahcrow-Giancarlo Stanton auto jersey 5/25
8. samoan3d-Dave Kingman auto 175/208 (it's not cut off, it's the scan)
4. JohnAndrew-Brett Lawrie RC auto 68/150
2. JohnAndrew-Ian Kinsler jumbo jersey 59/95
1. GoBeavs (from 7290morint)-Vida Blue silver sig 99/99
6. GoBeavs (from 7290morint)-Dan Uggla jersey auto 78/97
12. Anderdale-Al Kaline auto 7/25
15. samoan3d-Robinson Cano auto redemption
7. Orangejello727-Ryne Sandberg bat card 9/25
5. padsfan10-Quadragraph Book Hanley Ramirez, Stanton, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder redemption
11. mcgoo2-Yeonis Cespedes auto bat 40/97
10. gonygo (from 7290morint)-Nolan Ryan auto 3/62
14. Orangejello727-Mike Trout auto 2/150

base to random: Johnny Bench, David Freese, Andrew McCutchen

Case 2

11. samuel1219- Mike Trout jumbo jersey 24/92
6. CP3toOKC-Andy Pettite silver sig 47/99
2. boardermartin-Prince Fielder jersey auto 11/97
15. boardermartin-Billy Williams auto 202/208
4. Orangejello727-Joe Mauer auto redemption
12.GoBeavs-David Freese jumbo jersey 81/92
3. Vintage Collector- Quadragraph Book Hamilton, Kemp, Bautista, C. Gonzalez redemption
5. boardermartin (from Bars and Bar)-CJ Wilson jersey auto 19/97
1. hmmdecloth-Bill Buckner auto 142/208
7. danny42yu-David Wright auto 10/25
10. 95vr4-Ian Kinsler jumbo jersey 15/25
13. 95vr4-Edgar Martinez silver sig 6/99
9. hohlernr-Mike Napoli jersey auto 6/55 (traded to Vintage Collector)
8. hmmdecloth-Bob Gibson auto 24/25
14.GoBeavs-Chipper Jones auto 74/150

Base to random: Mariano Rivera, Sandy Koufax, Roy Halladay

3rd case

8.SethMurphy- Albert Pujols jumbo jersey 77/92
4.SethMurphy-Don Mattingly auto triple jersey book 32/49
6.mrlaker-Paul Molitor auto bat 37/55
5.Hardtimes2009- Vida Blue auto 183/208
1.GoBeavs-Jose Bautista auto 93/150

11.biged_0- Hamiton/Kemp dual patch 3/5
10.mrlaker-Robinson Cano silver sig redemption
12.Vintage Collector-Prince Fielder jersey auto 82/97
2.Mike Yoder-Billy Williams auto 78/208
9.samuel1219- CJ Wilson auto 134/150

3.CubsFanInTX- Curtis Granderson jumbo jersey 81/92
15.Vintage Collector-Clayton Kershaw silver sig 76/99
13.Vintage Collector-Albert Belle auto bat 58/97 (traded to hohlernr)
14. CTown-Johnny Bench auto 11/62
7.SethMurphy-Jason Heyward auto 2/25

Base to random: Tim Lincecum, Carl Yastrzemski, Ty Cobb

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