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Here are my recent returns...

Want to give a big thanks to Steve2112 for giving me the address for Gene Patterson (the address I used is the one he posted earlier in this thread). Not only did Mr. Gene sign my Allen & Ginter card for me but he also wrote me a note and also signed and sent three 4x6 photos, two classic cards (signed the back of both) and a business card. Also, the SASE I had included for him to return my A&G card in was one of the smaller #6 envelopes and since the extra's he sent wouldn't fit in that envelope (without bending them) he paid for a bubble mailer and the postage for it ($1.10) out of his own pocket.

Gene Patterson
Sent 1 card 6/12/12 - Rec'd 1 card signed plus everything else below 6/25/12

Ken Bordelon
Sent 1 card 6/20/12 - Rec'd 1 card signed 6/23/12

Wade Boggs
Sent 2 cards 2/9/12 - Rec'd 2 cards signed 6/23/12

Mike Archer
Sent 1 card 6/15/12 c/o NC State Athletics - Rec'd 1 card signed 6/25/12


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