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I really dont understand people. 400+ feeback at 100%.

That will change after this.

Just got this message. Guess the post office stole the toploader but not the card, because that makes tons of sense.

Please describe the item you received. When it left me, it was in an envelope, wrapped in paper in a plastic sleere with one piece of tape at the top of the sleeve to keep the card from falling out. Any damage would have been done by the poist office or carriers. If this is not the item you described, plese describe it. If I sent the wrong card, we will attempt to resolve it. It should be the Wieber autogrsph card. You say there was tape all over it yet I put only one piece of tape over the open end of the card holder. Anything else would have been added in transit. I am sorry your purchase is unsatisfactory, but the card was in perfect condition when it left me. Thank you."

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