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Originally Posted by jerryw View Post
i always allow up to 2 weeks before i say anything..if after 2 weeks i have nothing then i try and contact and if after 3 more days then i instantly file a claim..common sense says a seller will have ample time in the first 2 weeks to get his ducks in a happens but not to the extent that you cant print postage or make a quick mail trip in 2 weeks lol
2 weeks is an awful long time before even requesting Delivery Confirmation. If the seller has some type of issue, IMO, it's their responsibility to get in touch with me and let me know that there'll be a delay. I have no problem waiting 2 weeks or more, but would appreciate the seller communicating any issues. I do understand that there are extenuating circumstances that could prevent a seller from touching base and am more than lenient when dealing with my trade partners, but this member has logged on to the site a few times since the purchase was made and never answered any of my requests for DC. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, and it's been over 2 weeks for another member who's awaiting a package.
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