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Originally Posted by WalterAZ31 View Post
argh, would it have killed Jericho to come back last night as a face?

i know, it was sorta tweener'ish with his promo, and he didnt rip on the fans. But at the end when Show came in, and Jericho acted all pissed at the interference, he then gave way and said have at it , and left the ring

IMO, RAW would have been better, if Jericho came out of nowhere right at the end, and gave Big Show the codebreaker or something

instead, he keeps playing the heel...........sigh
The promo left me wondering, but it seemed at the end he was playing the heel, which sucks, because though he's rarely a face he's a damn good one.

On the bright side, could we possibly see the return of JeriShow? Looks like Show and Y2J were working together, and those two as a team again, with all of the stardom they carry, could be the boost the tag division needs to get back to full relevance.

I don't know, it's just a thought, but if that's what's happening I'm definitely cool with that.

Agreed though. If Chris Jericho returns as the exact same character (bashes the crowd, calls himself "Best In The World (which is true!), and loses every match) I'm not too interested in that.
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