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Default Here's a few random but fun ideas that haven't been mentioned yet...

1) Your personal greatest/memorable sports/athletic related moment!

Mine, finally hitting my first Homerun (in a co-ed softball league)! It doesn't sound like much but I had to spend time in the gym to trim down and muscle up for months before I could "go yard".

I'd be interested in reading about my fellow collector's greatest moments.

2) Show us your favorite "worthless" card kept in your personal collection. Okay, so it might be worthless to some people but we've all got a card in our personal collection that means a lot to each person.

Mine, I've got a card of LaDainian Tomlinson rushing in his Old school Powder Blue uniform. This card is a dime a dozen but I only need one!

3) This may be on a tangent, but I wanna know what you thought about doing a Christmas-time Card Exchange?

We'd open a new thread, people would register their screen names and pm a particular moderator with their home address. We then make sure to update our wants/likes and then the moderator puts all the names in two lists then randomizes the registered names to identify matches and then randoms it again for the other list of names.

Address could be given either secretly through the moderator or be told who to PM their address. Moderators could act as the middle man to keep address/names private.

Overall, I think it'd be a lot of fun to how generous collectors can be during the holiday season and post pics on the Blowout Boards.

4) Last idea... it's great when kids are involved in the card collecting hobby. How about a contest where kids draw/paint their favorite trading card? A kid's enlarged replica of their favorite card using paint, markers, pastels, ink, chalk, etc. I hope someone might recreate a Michael Jordan card.

Well that's it! Thanks for the read.
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