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Originally Posted by mma138 View Post
wow i am so angry about the spain / portugal game . who's idea was it to keep ronaldo out of the penalty kicks ??????? he is "supposed" to be the best player in europe . so what happened ? did he tell the coach he didnt want to be included ? they were saying how even some fo the star players realy hate the penalty kicks because of the presure .
spain had missed there first attempt. the right thing to do would have been to let ronaldo take the first penalty kick and more then likely score and put the prssure on spain .......... but nooooooooo

omg !!!!!!! i cant freekin beleive this !!!!
I agree - they messed that up royally. It's an unwritten rule to have your best players shoot first.

Portugal will never win a Euro/WC, they don't have what it takes.

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