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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
Bauer was totally off my Topps Chrome radar, so this is a very pleasant surprise, even if (for whatever reason?) they couldn't get Middlebrooks in there.

Any other imminent callups that could sneak in there? This is an absolute longshot, but Wil Myers is killin' it in the minors and I've read that he might make his debut at some point in July. I could get down for some Royal love!
They've got plenty more unannounced auto spots to go. Mike Trout doesn't have an auto in 2011 Topps Chrome; perhaps they're saving that announcement until closer to launch. I'd take him over both Rizzo and Middlebrooks.

Originally Posted by bcxraider View Post
dang i wished middlebrooks was in this. just got 2 cases presell lol. im becoming an addict.
If you pre-ordered 15 PERSONAL cases, you'd be an addict, at two cases, you're merely a fan! At least that's what I tell myself for ordering two cases
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