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Originally Posted by moninghaly View Post
For those that are debating buying a $30-$40 knock off or the $100 replica jersey I will put it to you like this.

The quality of the material on the knock offs are just as good if not better than the replica. Nike makes all of their products in third world countries just like the bootleggers but unlike the bootleggers they have a high overhead to cover with licensing, advertising, and endorsement deals. Also, while you can tell a knock off from an authentic upon close inspection you can spot the "cheap" replica a mile away.
Absolutely incorrect on so many levels.

Most of the fonts are completely wrong, most of the colors are off, and there are details that the fakes cannot replicate. Have you seen the new RG3 knock offs? LMFAO, they are atrocious. Compare a legit to a knockoff - they are night and day different.

If you know nothing about jerseys, then fakes are fine. But trust me, those of us who have real ones are laughing and pointing behind your backs, and that's no joke.
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