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Default Comic Speculation Thread: Thor Sequels

With Iron Patriot and Thanos being revealed as the villains for Iron Man 3 and Avengers 2, I got to thinking about potential foes for Thor in his 2nd film due out next summer. Loki I'm sure will be a part of it but I can't see him being the only one. Here are my picks along their first appearances.

Enchantress and Executioner: Journey Into Mystery #103- selling on eBay between $60-$80

Surtur and Ymir: Journey Into Mystery #97 - under $100

Ulik the Troll: The Mighty Thor #137 - $10-$30

Hela: Journey Into Mystery #102 - $5-$100 depending on condition

Malekith: The Mighty Thor #344 - selling dirt cheap

I could see any of them being great investment opportunities. There are a ton more villains but these are the ones I could see making the transition to the big screen IMO. I got bored so decided to post this lol. Thoughts on these? Any others I may have missed or overlooked?

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