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Originally Posted by ajscards101 View Post
Broad Street Boys Autograph - Steve Downie Black Version


New Millennium Mike Richards

Not bad, not bad at all! Thanks for hosting this iLuvfish! Anyway I could watch the vid or see scans/pics of my hits?
Working on scans now - all videos were uploaded to youtube

Originally Posted by thetintwiz1 View Post
just got home form out of state PAID
because I screwed up on the random and have what was your slots annotated we can do this. Had your name been removed from the original random, I'd have to refund your payment since there would be no way for me to tell which was your slots. But I will shortly edit out my name from your slots and everything will go along as if nothing happened.

We do have three hits that will be randomized

Broad Street Boys Autograph - Lou Angotti Black Version
Broad Street Boys Autograph - Kjell Samuelsson Black Version
Broad Street Boys Autograph - Bob Kelly Orange Version
Blowouts Resident Wade Boggs Super Collector
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