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Default eBay'er to BLOCK

I typically only post the folks who will waste your time and just cause issues. Got another one...


Broke a case of '08 Limited about a week back. Post a Colt Brennan patch/Auto/RC for sale, starting at $.99. Bidder wins it around $13. Keep in mind this thing is right out of a pack, about 7 days ago.

First sign of trouble... buyer pays and sends message through ebay demanding to know when card will be shipped and what is the tracking number. I reply with, actually, it will be shipped within 24 hours, as with nearly every auction I run - after payment is processed.
He replies with: what is the tracking?
I reply with: I typically don't track items under about $20, unless the buyer specifies they want tracking and pay for it.

Got no reply to that.... until... YEP!

Buyer: I received the card today and all 4 corners are damaged and there is damage on the front of the card. Can I send it back for full refund, including the $2 return shipping?

Me: Provided address for return and noted that I "accommodate full refunds" as per my longstanding policy of perfect customer service standards.

Buyer: So, what does 'accomodate full refunds' mean? will i get my $2 for shipping too?

I just replied with the explaination that the word "full", used in this instance, would indicate a total refund of all monies paid, including return shipping.

... and just went over to PayPal and sent the refund, including return shipping, to the buyer. Couldn't care less about getting the card back at this point. My time isn't worth what it takes to deal with people like this.
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