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Default One Box of Past & Present

Picked up a box at this weekend's Sun-Times show in Chicago. Despite the "hits" being absolutely valueless, I had a TON of fun with this break.

I really like the design of the relics. Big piece of jersey without dominating the look of the card. I see why the patch versions are going for some serious coin.

One Box of Past & Present-scan0004.jpg

From a value standpoint, this baby saved the break from being a total disaster:

One Box of Past & Present-scan0005.jpg

Throw in some visually stunning inserts (the Raining 3s and Fireworks sets are amazing, and the Changing Times set features some wicked afros) and this was a ton of fun for $80.

Scan of inserts not working, but here they are:

Raining 3s - Lebron, Dirk, Nash
Fireworks - Garnett (gash in back of card), Rondo
Changing Times - Dr J, Thompson, Haywood, Love
Breakout - T Evans, Gallinari, Cousins, DeRozen

And the Breads:
Life - Laimbeer, Schayes
Energy - Brewer, Garnett, Terry, Evans
Health - Nash, Deng, Bynum

I'll be breaking more!
Looking for a 2005 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Signatures Steve Young card. If you have any idea of where to find one, I'd love to know about it. Thanks!
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