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Originally Posted by joceltics34 View Post
I actually really enjoy this game. When I have more time, I may go back and make different decisions and see what happens thoughout the rest of the story. It is a slow-paced game if you are looking for an action game. But in terms of relating it to the TV show, I do like how they didn't try to make it EXACTLY like it. That would have killed it. Can't wait for episode 3.
my old roommate and I both play and we make about 50-50 on the decisions. Some places we're aligned, and others we're starkly different. We're living vicariously through each other's playthroughs to see what happens if one of us makes a different decision, which is cool.

Obviously i'll do it all myself at some point, but it's nice to just have one solid playthrough first so I don't get my saves-games mixed up. I'm playing this one as I would if it were me (pretty middle of the road), and I plan to have 2 more saves where I'm a hardass and where i pretty much just do whatever i'm told to see how it is.
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