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Default Blowout Cards Birthday Thread: JULY 2012! (CLOSED)

For members who are celebrating a Birthday in JULY:

Each month, we will pick a date at random. If your birthday is on that date...we'll send you a FREE Box of Cards ! . All you have to do is post your birthday in this thread. Once the month is over, we'll choose a date (or dates) at random. If your Birthday corresponds to that date chosen, please contact us with proof of your Birthday and we'll send you a FREE BOX of cards ! Just another perk of being a member of the Blowout Forums and a Thank You again for your continued Business !


Thanks to Everyone who participated in this Month's Birthday Thread. We have inputted the random generator for the Date (1-31). This month, we decided to pull 2 Numbers again. The numbers that came up were 14 and 25 so EVERYONE who posted a birthday of July 14th and July 25th, please email us at and we will ship you out a FREE BOX !!!
(Please include your Name, Address, user name, proof of Birthday and what sport you collect!).
Thank you All for your continued business again.

The AUGUST 2012 Birthday thread has been posted !

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