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Default Cool,

That's my friend's card. He's been buying '68 3Ds for years. I wish I had been as smart.

Update: I just talked with him and he says people who have followed 3Ds through the years believe there are only 50-75 copies of the Clemente. All 3Ds are also very condition sensitive and PSA 9's are tough for any 1968 3Ds. He's hoping for that last half hour of bidding to get him to a break even point on the card. It still has a ways to go. Seeing 107 watchers as of today is good.

Best to All,
I may not be the oldest member here but I paid $8. an auto and shook Joe DiMaggio's hand at the Armenian Church in NYC once. I do not use "gift". If you need an extra buck, add it in.

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