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Lol thought this thread died. Please refrain from the negative comments if you want to say something.

But jeeze lol heres an update for you guys:

Chipmaster: idk how u knew but honest to god i just came back from a church retreat a week or two ago (not with her tho).

Idk what u guys wanna hear but here is a detailed night on sat..

On saturday we went to go see Ted the movie. We watched like 40minutes of it and she wasnt feeling it so she walked out. She said she had a headache. But i think it was cuz i was ignoring her. The little i got to watch was freakin hilarious. Definately need to finish the movie on my own time. i didnt get a refund on the tix,but luckily i got a gift certificate to the movies as a replacement. We had a semi-large arguement about the relationship getting nowhere and she wants more than a friendship which is where were at now. (a few of you called that one ) after leaving the movies we went to chick-fila, once again she wanted to be stubborn and didnt want to eat. I asked her what she wants and she says she wants me to do her in the backseat. (we are in the target parking lot, parked, im eating my chick-fil-a). I didnt have a condom so i told her no. At this point she was just watching me eat my sandwich. She got upset and said she was going to walk home, she was joking about walking home because we were maybe 8miles from her house. I didnt want to make out after because i just ate my chicken sandwich. We then went to a hookah bar after for a couple hours. we did end up making out a lot in there tho since the dam bar had booths that were so private (not like most other hookah bars)

We dont hang out everyday but Im taking her to downtown disney tomorrow to see the firework show. And friday we are going to a youth group at my church.

As for hitting it and quitting it. I realized thats not right but we do have the occasional make out sesh and groping. Lol. But dont call me a tool if my wang cant control itself and i do end up boning a 'single mother'
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