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Originally Posted by lakernation10 View Post
We dont hang out everyday but Im taking her to downtown disney tomorrow to see the firework show. And friday we are going to a youth group at my church.

As for hitting it and quitting it. I realized thats not right but we do have the occasional make out sesh and groping. Lol. But dont call me a tool if my wang cant control itself and i do end up boning a 'single mother'
You sir are playing with fire. It seems like (and it's just the impression I get) that you're only going to hold out for so long. This time you were saved by the lack of condom so just groping/make out session, soon it will be oral, then you won't be able to resist! Run! Just from what you've written about her, seems like you shouldn't be getting involved in any way with her. Does seem kind of spoiled and I think you put that her family is well off. Typically people from wealthy families are spoiled and if she is being a pill because you ignored her at the movie to the point where she walked out then was complaining about your "relationship" then threatening to walk home? (even if it was a joke) it's only going to get worse. Just doesn't seem like the person you should want to end up with BUT to each his own. So just be real with yourself, none of our opinions matter. If you want to just hook up with her one more time. Do it and take every precaution you can and let her know that's all you want. If you want a relationship or see if there is a chance of something developing, then hold off on sex (or try your hardest). Good luck in whatever you choose.

I'm almost tempted to stalk you at downtown Disney tomorrow and be your c- blocker lol. I'll just yell "NO! it's not worth it!!!!" Everytime you guys get close
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