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"Live Draft" Breaks -------------------------

- If a "live draft" style of break is being held (participants choose players, teams, etc. rather than having them randomly assigned), the slot selection process must be performed exclusively on the Blowoutcards forums. Ustream will also be allowed under certain conditions: 1) There are too many participants to have the draft posted directly in the forums. 2) The participants' ustream IDs are posted beforehand to verify his identity. 3) The chat is recorded as the video stream so that there is a record of the draft.

- The host shall provide his/her default player rankings for the product. The rankings need to be posted in the first post of the initial group break thread.

- The host must set a time/date for the "live draft" to take place once the break is approved. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for the draft date/time. If a participant cannot make it to the "live" draft time/date then he/she needs to submit a ranking of players to the host. If the participant does not submit a ranking of players, then the host's rankings will be used to make the selections for the missing participant.

I have absolutely no problem with time limits, I will make my pick.
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