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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Pay the price ? What price ? The "play the game" price ? These are wholesalers and LCS owners who are getting their orders cut to sell these cases to the highest bidder instead of selling them at what they are supposed to sell for. What kind of BS is that ? Didn't say YOU the consumer has anything to do with this, just saying its amazing how one person can get 10 cases from one seller (who also has a seemingly unlimited supply to go around) while other people in the industry are told their order has been cut due to severe allocations. THATS TOTAL #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@ !
Well I purchased them from Chris who buys from a ton of Different Dealers /Sources so maybe you need to ask him. Not sure why you are having such a hard time grasping this but it really is not that complicated. Last year I was able to secure 80 cases through 6 sources. Like I said if you are willing to pay the money, you can find cases. BTW, are you interested in buying quantity of this product? If so, I bet Chris might be able to help you out. I am a breaker not a Case seller so I would not be able to help.
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