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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Why am I having a hard time grasping this ? LMAO , I see why you have your fans following you. You really can't be this stupid. You really have ZERO clue as to how this industry really works these days if you don't understand what I'm talking about. Wholesalers and LCS owners should not be forced to pay a premium for a few cases of these products when they are forced to take the garbage all year round as well. Cases should not go to the highest bidder until everyone has their sahre AT THE RIGHT PRICE. If its prorated on the amount of cases you buy of the garbage year round, someone who buys 100 - 150 cases of crap hockey shouldn't get just a 6 box case of The Cup.
Maybe you should take up your ISSUES with Upper Deck and their distributors. Not the People who purchase their cases from places like Dave and Adams, Blowout, Atlanta Sports Cards, Ebay, etc… I have no idea how the allocation works. All I know is online right now, you can purchase a ton of cases from many different sources. Is that breaking a Law you obviously created? Take up your ISSUES with UD or them.
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