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Exclamation Moderator Please Read...

I was left an unwarrented negative feedback yesterday, and pmed both of you but have yet to hear a response.

I have all pms, receipts, paypal statements, and whatever else you may need saved and can be shown to you.

I just want this cleared up and removed because I am absolutely livid.

Thank you.

(For those reading this, here is a quick summary:

A member buys a $4 card on June 8th. About 2 weeks go by and I had completely forgot to ship it so I sent him $5 paypal gift (MORE THAN HE HAD PAID FOR THE CARD) for the delay and said he would still get the card. So I ship it out a week or so later with my other shipments. And then out of the blue, he leave me a negative feedback.

I pmed him and asked him why he had left me a negative feedback and he only replied with profanity and insults. So I left him appropriate feedback.

So in the end, I got neged for paying him and giving him a pc card. )
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