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Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
I never said I was innocent. I did screw up for the delayed shipping time. I am just saying, if someone gave you a FULL REFUND and THEN some AND still promised you the card... HOW CAN THAT POSSIBLY warrent a negative feedback esspecially after I had told him it had been shipped!?
it's not up to you. me. or even a mod to say what is and isn't right.. that's kind of the point of feedback. We might agree it was unwarranted because you went out of your way to correct the error.. but to your customer you were wrong and he has the right to leave the feedback...

again this is just my .02... but if you want that feedback removed I personally don't see the point of feedback at all. Unless the buyer said said untrue in the response.. it's his right to say it
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