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All I'm starting to hear in your posts is "I did nothing wrong, he did everything wrong"... which isn't right. It doesn't matter how hard you try to please someone.. if they are your customer.. then they have a right to say it... I've gotten dozens of negative feedbacks on eBay over the years for things as trivial as a sticker on the top loader the card was shipped in... how the package smelled (that one made me laugh).. and because an item wasn't delivered in 2 days, it took 4... it's just part of doing business my friend.

Btw.. is this not your feedback for the buyer?

Member left me a negative for PAYING him and sending him a PC card. Total Jerk.

Sure sounds retaliatory to me

Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
No, that is not what I am stating. If I had competely blown him off and not responded to any of his pms, did not ship him the card, and did not try to make things right with him, then there is no quesion I was in the wrong and I have no right to leave him negative feedback.

But instead, I replied to all of his messages within hours, tried to the best of my abilities to make things right with him, and then the main reason I left the negative: He only responded with vulgar and unjustified phrases when I was trying to work things through with him.

There is NO question that his was deserved.
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