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actually.. if the mods remove your feedback then they should remove the feedback system all together...

What you aren't understanding is what's in your own response.... I have said I was in the wrong for the delay in shipping time.. If you believe a person does not have a right to complain about this.. I cannot help you. You were in the wrong, tried to make it right.. but the customer had a right to call you on it.

As I said I personally would not leave a negative to a person who went out of their way to make a wrong right... but that person felt differently.. and had a right to do so.

Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
I don't know how I am phrasing what I am saying wrong, but that is not what I am saying at all.

I have said I was in the wrong for the delay in shipping time. But what did he expect me to do? Overnight ship a $4 card? Pay him $20 for the wait for a $4 card?

I was never even going to leave him negative feedback if he had just acted like an adult and worked through this instead of being a tastless jerk.

The point is, I have all records of what happened and I would be stunned if this negative feedback remains.
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