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In your opinion... thankfully we all don't have to go by your opinion. Seems in your opinion a seller can not ship an item as long as they wish and still not be in fault for doing so.

Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
Come on now!

It was a $4 CARD! IMO, a negative is meant to warn people about a certain aspect that a member does poorly.

I have NEVER delayed shipping a card above $10. I just forgot about this one because we agreed to a pwe sale and he paid as gift so I did not see it when I was printing the other labels.

My reputation is something I take extremely seriously. If this member had COME TO ME before leaving a negative feedback and said that he still was not satisfied, I would have done WHATEVER it took to make sure that he was.

If it meant paying him $15 and giving him the card, so be it.
If it meant sending him an extra card(s), so be it.
If it meant doing a combination of both, I would do it because I care.
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