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Originally Posted by cromartie3145 View Post
Come on now!

It was a $4 CARD! IMO, a negative is meant to warn people about a certain aspect that a member does poorly.

I have NEVER delayed shipping a card above $10. I just forgot about this one because we agreed to a pwe sale and he paid as gift so I did not see it when I was printing the other labels.

My reputation is something I take extremely seriously. If this member had COME TO ME before leaving a negative feedback and said that he still was not satisfied, I would have done WHATEVER it took to make sure that he was.

If it meant paying him $15 and giving him the card, so be it.
If it meant sending him an extra card(s), so be it.
If it meant doing a combination of both, I would do it because I care.
Wow, there is so much wrong with this post, I don't even know where to begin.....

I'll just leave it at this:

The size of the deal should make absolutely no difference in how you ship, when you ship, or how you handle yourself.

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