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Originally Posted by marinocollector View Post
Because Henne sucks and he's a horrible leader. ZERO development in 4 years and a bad attitude.
I think saying he sucks or even is terrible is going a little far to be honest. Zero development in four years? He never had a complete season of starting. However, try having development in a place where they already question everything you do reguardless of the position you play and constantly make you question your own playing ability by switching players around like musical chairs. Miami is a zoo and the owners have always cared more about who is in the seats rather having a winning football team. It seems you're a Dolphins fan so you would have to have seen how many times Henne took us down the field and they would pull him out, run 2 wildcat plays for a total of 3 yards if lucky, then send Henne in on 3rd and long to convert. As for the leadership I'm a bit lost. Long and Henne both were the ones who orchestrated the off season workouts during the lockout. May not be enough to say he is the greatest leader in the world but it is enough to say he tries. Henne played like a beast the four games he started this year and the defense never showed to back him up. We wouldn't even have Garrard or Moore to talk about starting if Henne never got hurt. From those 3 1/2 gameshe played it look as if he was gonna have the projected breakout season.

Also as I am a Henne fan I see you must be a Marino fan but in my experience those who are head over heels about Marino will never understand that you can't expect every QB who walks into Miami to become the next Dan. Any QB who get's looked at that way will always be terrible...
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