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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
Why am I having a hard time grasping this ? LMAO , I see why you have your fans following you. You really can't be this stupid. You really have ZERO clue as to how this industry really works these days if you don't understand what I'm talking about. Wholesalers and LCS owners should not be forced to pay a premium for a few cases of these products when they are forced to take the garbage all year round as well. Cases should not go to the highest bidder until everyone has their sahre AT THE RIGHT PRICE. If its prorated on the amount of cases you buy of the garbage year round, someone who buys 100 - 150 cases of crap hockey shouldn't get just a 6 box case of The Cup.
I can tell you that these cases were out there to be had if you wanted them, it was even easier last year, and dealers will take you more seriously if you try by 10 or 20 cases of a product rather than one you're probably going get better service. Think about what Donald Trump wants to rent a hotel and he is in a Donald Trump, don't you think easily a lot of that are hotels at the special rate?

I didn't do it because well have $20,000 drop on the cases which is what would have taken to get 10 of the (maybe a little less than $20,000 but not much) but I still see these tins settling in around $200 as they get broken and people realize what a dog in this product really is.

My analysis could be wrong but from the case breaks I've seen him not that impressed. Crosby autographs are going for 200 bucks now, and Gretzky autographs aren't doing that much more, and I'm not sure how the low prevalence are in effect things because they are so many of the low print run cards that the low print run is kind of irrelevant.
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