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Originally Posted by jnorlund View Post
Replying to your own thread just to say PMs returned is one problem but what about enforcing one thread per sport in a 24-48 hour period? For example, just clicked on the BB forum and saw 2-3 threads ea by the same people, some of which are about the exact same subject e.g. "Looking for Player X" then one for "WTTF Player W, Player X & Player Y" both bumped within hours of each other. That would shove a lot of legitimate threads off to other pages.
We are trying to crack down on this. Some areas of this are tricky (ie WTB, WTT, WTS, etc). But the example you stated would be a good candidate for merging likely. I say this begrudgingly but when in doubt report it and let us know why and we'll look into it.
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