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Default Lowry to Toronto - Contest involved

When I heard the Rockets were shopping Lowry, I was praying he would wind up somewhere that could be lucrative for my collection.

I was hoping for any of the following qualities: a playoff team, a big market team, a team with a superstar, a strong defensive team, a team with a shot blocking presence, and the least of my concerns because of the statistical longshot - a team in the US.

With Lowry going to a team that satisfies absolutely 0 of my desires, I'm not very happy (although having a purple Lowry Raptors jersey will be sweet).

Him being in Canada makes selling my cards a logistical nightmare as I'll have to pay out the ass to ship to canada or risk selling with no tracking # and no protection from scammers.

So, whoever can make post something that makes me the most optimistic about Lowry being in Toronto will win a nice little care package from me including a handful of Jordans, a Lowry Auto Rc, a Drose Rc, KLove Rc, and a handful of others.

All Canadians must answer the following skill question correctly to qualify for the contest: 5+9/3=??

The contest ends when someone wins it.

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